The MSZ-LN has a new stylish design and is the first in the company’s range of units utilising the new R32 refrigerant.

R22 is being slowly phased out due to its high global warming potential (GWP) and R32 is the newest refrigerant which complies with the new regulations.

The units are available in Ruby Red, Onyx Black, Pearl White and Natural White colours with  matching, colour co-ordinated room controllers available.

The unit features a built-in Wi-Fi interface which enables full control and monitoring through the company’s MELCloud App, and a sophisticated i-see Sensor in the unit automatically monitors room occupancy, position and body temperatures to deliver customised comfort.

These features allow the unit to be unobtrusive and carry out its purpose of either heating or cooling any space without drawing attention to itself. It is also one of the quietest air conditioning units on the market today with noise levels as low as 19db(A) and has been awarded with the quiet mark in recognition of “Mitsubishi Electric’s continuing acoustic innovation and focus on sound levels,” explains Toby Saville, Chief Technical Officer for Quiet Mark.

“We are delighted that the MSZ-LN models join our MSZ-EF Zen units as the only air conditioning systems available with the Quiet Mark,” said Graham Temple, Marketing Manager for the company’s range of air conditioning. “Our engineers have developed seriously powerful and sophisticated models but ensured that noise is simply not an issue.”