Waste heat recovery installation at Honor Oak Crematorium- London

We were approached by the client to design and install a bespoke waste heat management system for a Crematorium. The cremators are designed with a passive flue gas system, which passes through a water filled heat exchanger to provide hot water to install in to a new or existing heating and hot water system for the premis.

The system was designed to use waste heat as a primary source of heating, and boilers as secondary backup for the system. The client specified the system was to be fully automated and that if the primary source of heat at the cremator was not available it would call for the boilers to step in to assist in achieving heating and hot water demands. We would say that the heating and hot water system will not use any mains gas for 80% of the year and will solely run on the heat available at the cremators.

Moving forward we are becoming more involved in these types of installations  and we are now looking in to fully automated BMS systems which can be monitored online for energy usage, faults, maintenance and real time information lekarna-slovenija.com.